Quality Review

Our Theory of Action

The indicators of quality for the instructional core are grounded in the theory of action that student learning improves when the relationship between student, teacher and content is improved.

Quality Review Rubric

A rubric of quality criteria is used during the visit to the school and as a road map for school improvement.

How is Your School Improving?

Find your school's Quality Review report.

Principal Performance Review

The Principal Performance Review (PPR) uses core components of the multiple-measures PPR evaluation system.

Will my school receive a Quality Review in 2015-2016?

Schools that meet at least one of the selection criteria will receive a Quality Review in the 2015-2016 school year.

About Us

The Office of School Quality (OSQ) supports school improvement across the NYC Department of Education (DOE) by coordinating qualitative assessments of school communities. All of the qualitative assessments are rooted in the Quality Review rubric and drive improvements to school practice, with the ultimate goal of impacting student achievement.


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