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The Office of Student Enrollment welcomes all rising eighth grade students and first-time ninth graders applying to high school for the 2017-2018 school year!

High School Applications were due to school counselors on December 1. Families should contact their student's counselor immediately if the student missed the December 1 deadline. Students will get their results letter in March 2017.

These results letters also include information for students who participated in Specialized High Schools Admissions, letting you know if you received offer(s) to those schools. If you receive offers to a program from the High School Application and from a Specialized High School, you must choose one. 

If you just moved to New York City and are not yet enrolled at a school for the 2016-2017 school year, learn how to enroll on the New Students page.

High School Admissions Overview: How Do I Participate?

New York City has more than 400 high schools and over 700 programs. Eighth grade or first-time ninth grade students and families who live in New York City complete a single High School Application for up to 12 high school programs and can participate in a separate process for Specialized High Schools.

Students with disabilities may apply to any high school program in High School Admissions and follow the same steps outlined in the NYC High School Directory and Specialized High School Students Handbook as their nondisabled peers. Students with disabilities who are recommended for and have attended a District 75 program and are considering a high school outside of District 75 should work with their IEP team to determine whether the recommendation for District 75 for high school is still appropriate.

Use the resources below to learn about your program options and understand the admissions process:

High school resources are also available in translation:

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Find a High School: How Do I Learn About Programs?

When looking for schools and programs, it is important to think about what will help you learn and grow—your interests, learning needs, and how you’d get to and from the school. Talk with your family, school counselor, and teachers about your application choices.

2017 New York City High School Directory: The High School Directory helps you understand the admissions process and learn more about high school programs in each borough. You can pick up a copy from your middle school, or at High School Admissions events.

NYC School Finder: Find high schools based on interest area, borough, school size, admissions priorities, distance from home, and more.

Admissions Events: Attend a High School Family Workshop in July, and the Citywide and Borough High School Fairs in the fall, to learn how to find programs that fit your needs, hear tips on developing your High School Application, and get to know more about the Specialized High Schools admissions process.

Information Sessions: View the calendar of high schools' information session dates and plan to visit schools of interest. 

2016-2017 Specialized High Schools Student Handbook: You may also be interested in applying to one of the nine Specialized High Schools—learn about those programs and their admissions process.

Get Ready for Results Letters: When Do I Receive My Offer?

Applications were due to school counselors on December 1. Families should contact their student’s counselor immediately if the student has missed the December 1 deadline. Students will get their results letter in March 2017

If you do not receive an offer in Round 1 of didn't apply, you can apply to programs with availability in Round 2 of High School Admissions in March.

Admissions Timeline: When Do I Apply?

 Download the HS Admissions Timeline.

Diversity in High School Admissions

High schools across the city were invited to participate in a pilot to increase diversity within their schools for students applying this year to attend for the 2017-2018 school year. At these schools, students who are eligible for Free Lunch (FL) will receive admissions priority for a certain percentage in the incoming ninth and tenth grades. Read more about each school’s specific pilot:

High School FAQs: Round 1 Results & Round 2

  • How will I receive my Round 1 results letter?

    Letters are typically distributed by your school counselor or admissions point person.

  • What will my Round 1 results letter contain?

    Your results letter will list up to one offer from the 12 program choices on your High School Application, up to one offer to a testing Specialized High School, and up to one offer for each of the studios at LaGuardia High School for which you auditioned. If a student does not receive an offer from any of the programs listed on their application and has a guaranteed match program that was not listed on their application, then they may receive an offer to their guaranteed match program in Round 1, space permitting.  

    If your results letter contains an offer, follow the instructions on the letter and return it to your school counselor by the date specified on the letter.

    If your letter does not contain an offer, you will receive a Round 2 application and a list of programs with Round 2 availability with your Round 1 results letter. You must complete the Round 2 application and return it to your guidance counselor by the date specified in your Round 1 results letter.

  • Once I have accepted my offer, what do I need to do to register for school?

    No additional registration is required once you have accepted your offer. You will be assigned to the register of your accepted offer over the summer for September 2017. For current eighth-grade students, this assignment is dependent upon your meeting eighth grade promotion requirements. Some schools may contact you or your family about orientation or summer activities.

  • My Round 1 offer school has an open house scheduled after the Round 1 response deadline. What do I do?

    Speak to your school counselor. Your school counselor will work with the Office of Student Enrollment to designate a deadline to ensure you make an informed choice.

  • Should I apply in Round 2?

    All eighth-grade students and first-time ninth-grade students are eligible to apply in Round 2. The following students should apply in Round 2:

    • Eighth-grade students who did not participate in Round 1.
    • Eighth-grade students who applied in Round 1 but did not receive an offer.
    • Eighth-grade students who prefer a program with Round 2 availability over their Round 1 offer.
    • First-time ninth-grade students who would prefer to attend a program with Round 2 availability over their Round 1 offer or current school.
  • How can I learn more about the programs with availability in Round 2?

    In March 2017, you will be able to review the Round 2 program list and visit the Round 2 High School Fair. At the fair, you will have an opportunity to meet with representatives from schools that are participating in Round 2. You may also meet with a high school admissions expert to discuss your Round 2 Application and program choices.

  • Will I be able to choose between my Round 1 and Round 2 offers?

    No. If you receive an offer to a program you applied to in Round 2, it will replace your Round 1 offer. Students will not be able to choose between the two offers, so you should only apply to programs in Round 2 that you prefer to attend over your Round 1 offer.

    If you submit a Round 2 application but do not receive a Round 2 offer, your Round 1 offer remains your high school placement for September 2017. 

  • Can I apply to Specialized High Schools in Round 2?

    No, Specialized High Schools do not participate in Round 2.

    Students who established residency in New York City after November 1, 2016 are eligible to take the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT) or audition for LaGuardia High School in the summer. Visit our Specialized High Schools page in June 2017 for more information. 

  • Do I have to apply to high school?

    Yes, if you want to attend a NYCDOE public high school. This includes students who want to attend their zoned school and students in a grades 6-12 school who want to remain at that school for ninth grade.

    Every eighth grade student in a district or charter school receives a High School Application from their guidance counselor in the fall. New York City residents who currently attend a private or parochial school can request an Application from their school counselor or a Family Welcome Center.

  • What is the difference between a school and a program?

    You can think about programs as “doorways” through which they accept students. There can be multiple programs offered by one school and eligible students may apply to one program, or more than one program at that school. Programs often focus on specific interest area. Programs at the same school may have different Admissions Priorities and Admissions Methods. You may decide to apply to one program over another based on its admissions and its interest area.

  • I am not eligible for High School Admissions. Can I still transfer from my high school to another high school?

    You may request a transfer if you are experiencing a documented hardship. A documented hardship includes if your travel to school is more than 75 minutes, or if you have a documented medical or safety issue. Please review the Transfers page and discuss with your current school counselor to find out whether you can request to transfer schools.

  • I am moving to New York City next year. Can I submit a High School Application this year?

    No. Only current New York City residents can participate in High School Admissions. You cannot submit a High School Application or take the SHSAT until after you have established residency in New York City. Learn more about the process for students new to New York City.