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The Office of Student Enrollment welcomes all rising eighth grade students to High School Admissions! First-time ninth graders are also eligible to participate.

If you participated in Round 2, your results letter will be available in early May 2016.

Students who accepted a Round 1 offer are already registered for the fall. Look for communications from your future school—some schools reach out to new students about summer activities or an orientation event.

You can no longer apply to high schools through the High School Admissions process for the 2016-2017 school year. If you just moved to New York City or still have not applied to high school, talk to your guidance counselor or visit a Family Welcome Center.

    New York City has more than 400 high schools and over 700 programs. Eighth grade or first-time ninth grade students and families in New York City complete a single High School application for up to 12 high-school programs and can participate in a separate process for Specialized High Schools. In addition, New York City’s charter schools give families additional public school options. Students new to NYC should visit can find out more information on New Students.

    Students with disabilities may apply to all programs listed in the New York City High School Directory, subject to the same admissions requirements as their peers. Students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) that recommend a specialized District 75 program or New York State Approved non-public school program are placed through a separate process. However, these students may submit a high school application if their IEP for the following school year recommends programs and/or services in a community school. Read more.

    Understand Admissions

    Find Programs & Develop a Thoughtful Application

    You are not only selecting a high school but also a program at a high school. Some high schools have several programs; some have just one.

    Stay Connected 

    Keep up to date on events and information from the Office of Student Enrollment. Speak to your guidance counselor, who will be best able to answer your questions and help you complete this process.

    • Start early! Take a look at the calendar to see important dates and deadlines.
    • Visit schools and attend open houses.
      • Check our Information Session Calendar, regularly updated in the Fall, to see a complete list of High School’s Open Houses.
    • Keep tabs on our Events page.
    • Sign up for high school email updates.

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    High School FAQs: Round 2 Results

    • Once I have accepted my offer, what do I need to do to register for school?

      Your Round 2 results letter will come in May 2016. No additional registration is required once you have accepted your offer. You will be assigned to the register of your accepted offer over the summer for September 2016. For current eighth-grade students, this assignment is dependent upon your meeting eighth grade promotion requirements. Some schools may contact you or your family about orientation or summer activities.

    • I have a new offer or match in Round 2. What do I do next?

      No further action is necessary in order to attend the high school from your Round 2 results letter. If you will not be attending your matched school in September, let your guidance counselor know as soon as possible. 

    • How do different schools evaluate my High School Application?

      Programs evaluate applicants based on the admissions method it uses. For example, some programs select students through auditions, some use tests, and some use zoned criteria, among other methods. Each program’s admissions method is shown in the New York City High School Directory

    • What is an Admissions Priority and how much does it matter?

      Programs accept applicants from the first admissions priority group before accepting applicants from the next admissions priority group. The effect admissions priorities will have on you depends on the school’s demand, and the program’s admissions method used. Admissions priorities can greatly affect applications, so it is important to keep track of the priorities for the programs to which you’re applying.

    • Can I appeal my high school match?

      Yes, students can appeal their high school match by requesting an appeals form from their middle school guidance counselor. Appeals are considered for extenuating circumstances only. Ask your middle school guidance counselor for appeals instructions.