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Schools received High School Admissions Round 1 results on March 5. Round 2 applications were due to guidance counselors on March 20. Find more information on Round 2. Please contact your guidance counselor for specific questions.

    New York City has more than 400 high schools and over 700 programs. 8th grade or first time 9th grade students and families in New York City complete a single High School application for up to 12 high-school programs and can participate in a separate process for Specialized High Schools. In addition, New York City’s charter schools give families additional public school options. Students new to NYC should visit can find out more information on New Students.

    Students with Disabilities

    Students with disabilities may apply to all programs listed in the 2014-2015 High School Directory, subject to the same admissions requirements as their peers. Students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) that recommend a specialized District 75 program or New York State Approved non-public school program are placed through a separate process. However, these students may submit a high school application if their IEP for the following school year recommends programs and/or services in a community school. Read more.


    1. Understand Admissions

    Watch the High School Admissions Video



    2. Find Programs & Develop a Thoughtful Application

    You are not only selecting a high school but also a program at a high school. Some high schools have several programs; some have just one.

    3. Stay Connected 

    Keep up to date on events and information from the Office of Student Enrollment. Speak to your guidance counselor, who will be best able to answer your questions and help you complete this process.