Pre-K Schools

Pre-K Application & Information Coming Soon

The Pre-K Application Period Opens in March.
If you live in New York City and your child was born in 2011, he or she is eligible to attend pre-K in September 2015. Please visit this page again in March for pre-K application information and resources to help you choose programs for your child.

    Pre-Kindergarten Admissions

    • New York City children born in 2011 are eligible to attend pre-K for the 2015-2016 school year.
    • Pre-K is free. Families do not have to pay to attend programs offered by the NYC Department of Education.
    • Programs are available at public schools and Community-Based Early Childhood Centers.

    Students with Disabilities

    Students with disabilities are encouraged to participate in the pre-K admissions process. Read about pre-K admissions for students who require special education services.

    More Information

    Review the 2014 Pre-Kindergarten Directory and Community-Based Early Childhood Center Directory for information about last year’s pre-K admissions process.