Pre-K Schools

Pre-K Registration Is Still Available At Community Based Early Childhood Centers

These are free pre-kindergarten programs that are approved by the New York City Department of Education but provided by community organizations. Some are half-day and some full-day.

  1.  Use the School Search tool to find a program near you and click the Apply Now link or complete this form, which is also available in Chinese and Spanish. (Note: this form works best in Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 11.)
  2. Learn more about these programs by reviewing the 2014-2015 Community-Based Early Childhood Center Directory.

    Pre-K Programs in New York City Public Schools

    1. The full list of public schools offering pre-k programs can be found in the Pre-Kindergarten Directory.
    2. Programs that may have available seats, including recently added programs, are listed here.
    3. Contact public schools directly to inquire about admissions or to get on their waitlists (if you have not already).
    4. If you are offered a choice you want to accept, pre-register in person with your child and make sure to bring documentation.

    Need More Information?

    1. Find Community Based Early Childhood Center programs near you and contact them directly;
    2. Complete this online form, which is also available in Chinese and Spanish, and we'll send you more information;
    3. Text "prek" to 877877; or
    4. Call 311.
    5. Support your child's transition into pre-K with the Welcome to Pre-K Guide for Families.

    Inspection History

    New York City is committed to providing all children attending pre-k with a safe and welcoming space. Get information on inspection history of sites that may provide pre-k this year.

    Students with Disabilities

    Students with disabilities may apply to all pre-k programs according to standard Pre-K Admissions. Some students may require additional supports. Please read about Pre-K Admissions for students who require special education services.