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Pre-K Offers Arrive in June!

Watch this video for a walkthrough of your options.

Already Applied to Pre-K?

Thank you! You will receive an offer letter in June.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about offer letters, waitlists, and Round 2.

Missed the 4/24 Application Deadline?

Don't worry. You can apply in Round 2 from June 22-July 10.

You can also complete the Get in Touch form to have an enrollment specialist contact you.

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With Pre-K for All, Opportunity Starts Now

In full-day pre-K, teachers are sparking wonder and igniting learning in our children. Pre-K gives children stronger math and reading skills in elementary school…and a better chance at success in life.

Studies show that early instruction improves performance throughout a child’s school experience. In these great programs, children develop and learn how to interact with others, behave in public, share, wait their turns, and listen.

Find a Pre-K Program

Full-day pre-K programs are available at district schools, NYC Early Education Centers (NYCEECs), and charter schools. With our pre-K programs, working families know their kids are safe, learning, and growing during the workday.

What to Look for in a Pre-K Program

It is important that you find a program that is a good fit for your child and family. Learn about what to look for in a Pre-K program and what questions you can ask when visiting or speaking with pre-K program administrators or teachers.

  • Program hours and services offered 
  • Daily schedule for your child 
  • Expectations for learning
  • Family engagement practices

Apply for Free, Full-Day, High-Quality Pre-K for All

If you live in New York City and your child was born in 2011, your child is eligible to attend a free, full-day, high-quality pre-K program in September 2015.
Please note that the Main Round application period closed on Friday, April 24. Offer letters to all families who applied will be sent in June.

Missed the application deadline? You can apply to new pre-K programs at district schools and NYCEECs during the Round 2 application period from June 22-July 10. You can apply in Round 2 even if you accept and pre-register for an offer received in the Main Round. 

More information about Round 2 will be available in June. Until then, you can:

  • Complete the Get in Touch form if you haven't applied to pre-K. An enrollment specialist will reach out to you.
  • Call 311 or visit a Family Welcome Center to help with pre-K questions. Interpretation services are available in over 200 languages over the phone or in person.
  • Subscribe to the pre-K email list to get updates
  • Attend an open house to take a closer look at pre-K programs 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When Will I Learn About My Pre-K Offer?

    If you applied for pre-K in the Main Round, you’ll receive an offer letter in early June. If you applied through the website, you’ll receive your offer letter online and by postal mail. If you applied over the phone or in person, you’ll receive your offer by mail only.

  • Am I Guaranteed an Offer to My First Choice Program?

    No. If you don’t receive an offer to your first choice program, you’ll be placed on the waitlist for that program.

  • What if I’m Offered Another Choice on My Application?

    You can accept the offer and pre-register at the program. We’ll automatically place you on the waitlist for any program that was listed higher on your application than the program you are offered. For example, if your child is offered a placement at your third choice program, he or she will be automatically placed on the waitlist for choices 1 and 2 on your application. As families decide whether or not to accept their offers, some seats may become available for families that are on waitlists.

    Accepting a Main Round offer doesn’t remove your child from a waitlist or prevent you from applying in Round 2.

  • What if I Don’t Get an Offer to Any Program on My Application?

    We’ll offer you a seat at program located as close as possible to your home address. It’s your choice to accept this offer and pre-register at the program or not. You will also automatically be placed on a waitlist for every program listed on your application. If a seat becomes available at any of those sites, the program will contact you directly.

  • Can I Get on a Waitlist for a Program I Didn’t Apply to?

    Starting June 22, you may contact programs from the Main Round application period that you did not apply to and request to be added to their waitlist. If a seat becomes available, the program will contact you directly to make an offer.

  • What are New York City Early Education Centers (NYCEECs)?

    NYCEECs are organizations that partner with the NYC Department of Education to provide free pre-K programs. NYCEECs are selected through a rigorous evaluation process and are held to the same high-quality standards as district schools.

  • Are Dual-Language Pre-K Programs Available?

    Yes. Some NYCEECs provide programs that help children develop skills in their native languages. These are called “Enhanced Language Programs.” Some district programs offer instruction in two languages—half in English and half in one other language—to help students become bilingual.

  • Is Pre-K Available for Students with Disabilities?

    All of our pre-K programs work to understand, support, and meet the needs of every learner through high-quality classroom instruction and access to additional appropriate supports as necessary. All families, including those of students with disabilities, are encouraged to submit a pre-K application. Regardless of whether a student attends a district school pre-K program or a NYCEEC, the student can receive supports and services.  Learn more.

  • Which Pre-K Sites are Accessible for Students with Limited Mobility?

    Learn more about types of accessibility and view the lists of functionally accessible schools in each borough.

  • How Do I Apply to Half-Day or Charter School Programs?

    If you’re interested in half-day NYCEEC pre-K programs or charter school pre-K programs, please contact those programs directly.

  • Who Oversees NYC Pre-K Programs?

    New York City Department of Education conducts continual academic oversight and support partnering with the Departments of Health and Mental Hygiene, Buildings, and Fire to conduct rigorous and ongoing health and safety inspections for ALL pre-K programs.