2017 NYC High School Directory Available

Use the High School Directory to start the admissions process and find high school programs that fit your needs. Available in translation.

Get Help Finding a Pre-K Program

You can still find a pre-K program for fall 2016—fill out the get-in-touch form and and someone will call you to help you explore your options.

G&T Results Letters Now Available

Results letters are now being emailed and mailed to families—find out if you have a G&T placement offer.

Middle School Results Letters Available

Find out your middle school placement—get your letter from your guidance counselor.


Find out more about pre-k programs available at district schools and NYC Early Education Centers.

Gifted & Talented

Read about Gifted & Talented Admissions for programs in kindergarten through third grade.

Elementary Schools

Explore your elementary school options. Applying to kindergarten? Find out how to apply now.

New Students

New to New York City Public Schools? Find your public school options.

Middle Schools

Check out the middle schools in your school district. Each district offers unique options.


Find out how to transfer from one NYC public school to another.

High Schools

Learn more about High School Admissions. In New York City, all eighth graders must apply to high school.

Special Programs

Learn about additional programs that can support students in meeting their educational goals.